Steve Smith

Hello and welcome to my website!

I love to walk, I love to write and this site combines much of that along with some non-walking writings too! To the left are links to my online writings that I'll be pleased if you take a look at. You can email me by using: steve then @, then meip, then .co.uk

I have completed the 282 Munros (the Scottish 3000ft + mountains) and the 444 Nuttalls (the 190 Welsh 2000ft + mountains and the 254 English 2000ft + mountains). I am recorded on the register of Munroists as "2599 Stephen P. Smith" and on the register of Nuttall completers as "253 Stephen P. Smith".

I have also walked coast to coast across the Highlands of Scotland seven times. These walks are described in the TGO links to the left.